Episode 127

Published on:

9th May 2022

Rejecting Authority, The Illusion of Money/time/ego, Mass Psychosis + The Benefits of Mental Breakdown: Learning with After Skool.

"It's a wonderful thing to learn to be able to stand up and yell Bullshit." -Terrence McKenna

Mark Wooding, the talented and dare I say genius behind the animations of After Skool, whose novel approach has amassed 2.25 million subscribers on youtube. And for good reason - People are hungry for this information.

In this episode we are sharing actual clips taken from 4 different videos. We all get to listen in on the wisdom from these videos then, Mark, Chase + myself offer our takeaways and opinions. We are lifting the veil on mark’s creative intentions behind his work.


Reject Authority, Trust Yourself

Illusion of Money, Time, and Ego

The Benefit of a Mental Breakdown


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We (Mimi + Chase) were childhood sweethearts, married in our early 20's, spent 3 yrs of marriage figuring out that we had nothing figured out. In 2016 we actually separated + legally divorced, thinking we'd never see each other again. And after 3 yrs of intense self-development, discovery + personal epiphanies, we organically reunited in 2019 - with a whole new outlook on love, Source + the real Medicins of this life.

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